Baltimore City currently has several Community Land Trusts in operationLearn more about the basics of CLTs here in this basic overview. There is also interest and organizing around affordable housing and the need for CLTs in Remington and Waverly.

The North East Housing Initiative, Inc. 

NEHI developed out of St. Anthony’s Church Social Advocacy committee in 2012. It is the outgrowth of a series of speak-outs, public events, listening campaigns, and political advocacy that demonstrated and reiterated the need for affordable housing  development.

NEHI members are united and committed to improving their communities by creating and promoting permanently affordable housing for those who have the greatest need, including people of  low and moderate income, the physically and cognitively challenged, veterans, and the elderly by  creating a community land trust, whose ownership is shared by individuals and the community.

WATCH!: Members of the North East Housing Initiative, Father Ty Hullinger and Linda Brown speak on NEHI at a public event hosted by the group.  

If you are interested in learning more about NEHI, please contact Chris Lafferty at 410- 299-7089 or [email protected]


Charm City Land Trusts

Charm City Land Trusts was started close to 13 years ago in McElderry Park, a neighborhood in East Baltimore. Anchored in the Amazing Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, the land trust owns and stewards 19 properties. The majority of these properties serve as one of McElderry Park’s only conserved green spaces.  In the winter of 2016, the land trust acquired its first house and will be working on affordable housing development.

If you are interested in learning more about CCLT contact [email protected] and visit:


South Baltimore Community Land Trust

SBCLT’s mission is to create community led development without displacement and a just transition to Zero Waste in Baltimore. We developed out of a decade of grassroots and youth led organizing to understand and resist a development process that routinely sacrificed our fundamental needs for a healthy environment, quality housing and a dignified role in decision making. SBCLT emerged as a community response to a central question: how do we begin to realize the vision for what we want as we continue to oppose the development that threatens our health and environment? A core group of residents took up this question and committed themselves to find an answer aligned with the core values and principles of human dignity, environmental stewardship, democractic governance, justice and equity. The community land trust model emerged as the form that would allow us to perform the function to meet the needs of the residents of a community burdened by unsafe, unaffordable housing and toxic environmental hazards. 


Westside Community Land Trust

The newest entry into Baltimore's . .