Baltimore's Fair Development Plan for Zero Waste
Published February 22, 2020 by the Fair Development Roundtable.

Fair Development, Race Equity, and Baltimore's Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Published July 23, 2019 by the Fair Development Roundtable, requiring that all projects resourced by Baltimore's Affordable Housing Trust Fund ensure permanent affordability and race equity.


Our Homes, Our Health, Our Lives: 20/20 & Long-Term Solutions to Violence
Published February 15, 2018, by Mara James, Claire Knezevic, & Matan Zeimer, Baltimore Housing Roundtable members.

20/20, Jobs & Baltimore's Economy
Published January 9, 2018 by Jaime Lee and Komal Vaidya, University of Baltimore, members of BHR Policy Team.


Our Budget, Our Values Part 1: Spending Priorities & 20/20
Revised November 8, 2017 by Matt Hill, Public Justice Center, BHR Policy Chair


Sustainable, Local Solutions to Homelessness: 20/20 & Housing First


20/20 & Baltimore's Budget: The Pretense of Participation is the first in a series of research to action pieces by the Baltimore Housing Roundtable. The Pretense of Participation critically examines Baltimore's budget process and highlights a path forward to generate a greater relationship between the basic needs of residents and the priorities set forth our city's budget. A timely analysis as the budget season - the time when promises are either kept or broken - is upon us. 

Community + Land + Trust:  Tools For Development without Displacement describes how Baltimore’s policy of providing public subsidies and cheap land to economic developers has failed to create good paying jobs for low-income residents, and puts those residents at risk of eviction as housing costs increase and public housing subsidies decline.   The Baltimore Housing Roundtable offers an alternative, evidence-based vision that puts people to work meeting the human needs of affordable housing and sustainable communities.  Community land trusts and a comprehensive vacant housing initiative will create neighborhood-based institutions to drive development, employ city residents, and create permanently affordable housing that is equitable and inclusive.  An annual funding commitment to this vision, through the City's bonding authority, is both plausible and visionary.    

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